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03/05/2018 16:55The day Putin cried    ( BBC News )
As Russia prepares to elect Vladimir Putin for a fourth term as president on 18 March, the BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse looks back at a revealing event that took ... just as Putin was running for president for the first time, his old friend Anatoly Sobchak died, at the age of 62, in a hotel room in Kaliningrad.
03/04/2018 23:05Head of Dagestan's Derbent district suspended from office and put under house arrest    ( )
A criminal case under part 3 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers with the Infliction of Grave Consequences) has been initiated ... March 2, at the media forum of the All-Russian People's Front in Kaliningrad, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that the fight against ...
03/04/2018 17:40Russians eager to name doomsday arms    ( Sumter Item )
Russian diplomats have sought to spread the contest beyond Russia's borders, with the Russian Embassy in Washington tweeting a link to the Defense Ministry's website. Speaking Friday at a public forum in Kaliningrad, Putin again boasted about the new weapons, saying that the still-anonymous ...
03/03/2018 16:20Putin tells US to send evidence of vote meddling    (ARY NEWS)
Kremlin says no interest in US arms race in 'invincible weapons' row - ARY NEWS
03/03/2018 14:10Kremlin says no interest in US arms race in 'invincible weapons' row    ( Yahoo News )
Moscow (AFP) - The Kremlin on Friday said Russia will not be part of a new arms race as the United States and NATO voiced concern over Vladimir ... "We know other countries tried to (manufacture the weapons) but presumably they did not succeed," he told local media in the Kaliningrad exclave on the ...
03/03/2018 08:30Kraken? Russians get mythical in contest to name nuclear weapons    (Yahoo7 News)
Kremlin says no interest in US arms race in 'invincible weapons' row - Yahoo7 News
03/03/2018 05:50Russians Eager to Name New Doomsday Weapons    (Newshub)
Vladimir Putin regrets the collapse of the Soviet Union - Newshub
03/02/2018 10:25Echoes of Soviet unease in Putin's blustery boasts    ( Washington Times )
The Trump administration's new defense policy, lowering the bar for use of tactical nuclear weapons, was in direct response to Russia's fielding of Iskander nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad and elsewhere. Mr. Trump understands all too well that what really works in the “Great Game” of geopolitics ...
03/02/2018 08:40Is Vladimir Putin bluffing or should we be worried about his new 'miracle weapons'?    ( NZCity )
It has also permanently deployed short-range nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad (which covers the Baltics, Poland and Germany) and sought to reintegrate tactical nuclear weapons into its military doctrine. Putin's nuclear posturing is especially important. It signals that Russian military planners consider ...
02/23/2018 06:40Russia to “Tame and Test” Crypto Technologies in Crimea    ( Bitcoin News (press release) )
A proposal to “tame” crypto technologies in Crimea has been made in Russia's parliament this week. A local ... Kaliningrad and Leningrad Oblasts have announced intentions to accommodate large mining operations and also called on the government to quickly adopt the regulatory framework.
02/23/2018 02:40Russia on Iskander-M missiles in Kaliningrad: 'so what?'    ( )
On 5 February, Lithuanian news outlets reported that Russia had stationed several of its newest high-precision weapons—the Iskander-M nuclear-capable missile, with a range of 415-500 km—in the Kaliningrad region and that it intends to leave the missiles there permanently. Lithuanian President ...
02/19/2018 16:35ISIS Claims Responsibility for Church Shooting in Russia    ( NBC Connecticut )
The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on churchgoers in Russia's predominantly Muslim Dagestan region. At least five people were killed and four wounded when a gunman opened fire with a hunting rifle on people leaving a Sunday service at a Russian Orthodox church ...
02/19/2018 15:40Russian Navy Pilots Practice Air Refueling on Su-30SM Jets for 1st Time    ( Sputnik International )
Military pilots on Su-30SM fighters for the first time in the recent history of naval aviation of the Russian Navy refueled the aircraft in the air, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. To complete the refueling task, aircraft from the Baltic and the Black Sea fleets flew from the Kaliningrad region and Crimea to ...
02/19/2018 14:45ISIS Claims Responsibility for Church Shooting in Russia    ( NBC Bay Area )
In this Oct. 28, 2011, file photo, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is seen in Kaliningrad, Russia. Note that this was not the ... The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on churchgoers in Russia's predominantly Muslim Dagestan region. At least five people ...
02/17/2018 07:30NATO Secretary General revealed the plans of the Alliance on nuclear weapons    ( The Bobr Times )
A world where Russia, China and North Korea have nuclear weapons, and NATO does not have is an insecure world”, – said Stoltenberg, speaking at ... of confirmation of information on the location of the operational-tactical missile complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region on a permanent basis.
02/15/2018 14:40Mercenaries Killed in Syria Were Part of Russian-Backed Hybrid Force    ( Washington Free Beacon )
The BBC reported that associates of two Russian fighters killed in the strike confirmed their deaths and said they were employed by the Wagner company. They were identified as Vladimir Loginov, an ethnic Cossack from Russia's western Kaliningrad region, and Kirill Ananyev, a radical nationalist from ...
02/15/2018 06:30Russians killed by US airstrike in Syria    ( Pulse Headlines )
The two known mercenaries who died were identified as Vladimir Loginov, a Cossack from Kaliningrad, a western region of Russia, and Kirill Ananyev, a radical nationalist Muscovite. However, the dozen of Russians who were thought dead due to misleading reports was just in great danger – as BBC ...
02/14/2018 22:35Dozens of Russians may have perished in Syrian battle    ( )
“He died, heroically defending our motherland in the far reaches against the invasion of maddened barbarians,” the group, the Baltic Cossack Union in Kaliningrad, said in the statement. In another case, Lubava Kocheva, a woman from central Russia, said in a brief online chat that two of her male ...
02/14/2018 22:35Hundreds of pro-Assad Mercenaries and Russian Troops Killed by US Strikes in Syria This Month    (
Reports of Russian deaths underscore dangers of Syria's war -
02/14/2018 20:30We have no information about Russian mercenaries killed in Syria    ( ІnsіdĐľr CĐ°r NĐľws )
A Cossack organization in Kaliningrad posted on social media that one of its members had also been killed. After these calls, he said the coalition officials gave the approval to conduct "strikes to destroy hostile forces". The reports of Russian deaths in the incident in Deir al-Zor come amid persistent ...


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