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05/16/2017 01:10Russia Plans to Keep Internet Traffic Inside the Country, Fearing Foreign Wiretaps    ( BleepingComputer )
A zero percentage is not possible due to enclave territories, such as the city of Kaliningrad, where traffic must be routed through other countries.
05/16/2017 01:10Russia's legendary Kruzenshtern windjammer calls at Norway's Larvik port    ( TASS )
KALININGRAD, May 15. /TASS/. Russia's legendary windjammer Kruzenshtern, which is on its first training voyage of the year, on Monday called at ...
05/10/2017 23:55Communications ministry proposes isolation of Russian internet traffic to prevent hacks    ( RT )
Additionally, some Russian territories, such as the exclave of Kaliningrad, do not have direct contact with Russian mainland and simply must establish ...
04/13/2017 22:10Russia sends more warships to Syria    ( Middle East Monitor )
... Institute news on Monday that two Steregushchiy class corvettes, an ocean tug and a fleet oiler left the Russian city of Kaliningrad over the weekend.
03/31/2017 04:05Russia to Connect Belarus with the Sea and "Cut off" the Baltic States    ( Georgia Today )
In the event of an attack on the Suwalki corridor, Russia in one swoop will provide land communication with the Kaliningrad region and cut off the ...
03/03/2017 20:55Sweden reintroduces its military draft over growing Russia threat    (The Spokesman-Review)
Sweden institutes military draft for both men and women - The Spokesman-Review
02/18/2017 08:25Russian Kim Kardashian 'Anastasia Kvitko' is being targeted by internet trolls who claim they can ...    ( The Sun )
THE curvaceous model who shot to fame as the “Russian Kim Kardashian” is being targeted by internet trolls claiming they can prove she's had plastic ...
01/25/2017 21:15Inclusive education exists in Russia, but only in theory    ( Open Democracy )
At that time, Oleg and Yulia were living in Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave between Lithuania and Poland. By the time Sasha turned three, he could ...
01/14/2017 23:50Two for the Price of One: Russian Scientists Build Solar+Wind Power Generator    ( Sputnik International )
A team of enterprising Russian scientists managed to develop a unique ... The generator is scheduled to be tested in Kaliningrad Region soon, and ...
01/09/2017 15:15US vows more 'complex' European training 'to deter Russia'    ( Press TV )
US vows more 'complex' European training 'to deter Russia' ... missiles to its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad bordering Poland and Lithuania, warning ...
11/07/2016 21:05Teacher quits after video allegedly showing her working as prostitute    ( Daily Star )
As a result, Katya Gorlova, 22, had to resign from her job working as a nursery school in the city of Kaliningrad, in western Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast ...
10/22/2016 14:20Berkeleyside comments, Twitter account back after widespread internet attack    ( Berkeleyside )
At the same time, Russia positioned nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad, which borders Poland and Lithuania, and test-fired three ballistic ...
10/20/2016 19:35Scientists Shouldn't Always Look for Utility in the Beauty of Shapes    ( The Wire )
It involved taking a walk around the Prussian city of KĂśnigsberg – now Kaliningrad in Russia – which was situated on the banks of the river Pregel and ...
09/10/2016 10:30Coercion and Corruption: Following Russia's 2016 Election Season    ( bellingcat )
Coercion and Corruption: Following Russia's 2016 Election Season .... School 31 in Kaliningrad celebrated by parading with United Russia flags, ...
08/19/2016 19:20Pinsk clothing manufacturer increases sales to Russia, Kazakhstan    ( Belarus News (BelTA) )
Polesye school clothes are on sale in stores of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad, Rostov, Kaliningrad, Kursk, Voronezh, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk, ...
07/08/2016 13:20Behind the scenes at the biggest website for bedroom guitarists    ( The Guardian )
“I was just finishing school here in Kaliningrad in 1998 and during summer vacation I decided to make a 'hamster' page [a Russian colloquialism for ...
03/02/2016 10:11Russian Cockroach Robot Spy May 'Inspire Children to Study Programming'    ( Sputnik International )
Russian scientists and engineers at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal ... in Kaliningrad where he was introduced to the various engineering projects ...
01/25/2016 20:51Belarus' National History Museum signs memorandum with Kaliningrad museum    ( Belarus News (BelTA) )
Belarus' National History Museum signs memorandum with Kaliningrad ... improving scientific and cultural relations between Belarus and Russia.
01/18/2016 18:06Pretty nursery school teacher has second job – she's also a prostitute    (
Nursery school teacher caught on camera moonlighting as prostitute for ÂŁ30 a time -
12/11/2015 03:40Innovations: Why is Moscow Developing an Army of Automated Insects?    ( Foreign Policy (blog) )
Russian designers have created a robotic roach to aid in ... Designed by researchers at Kaliningrad's Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is a ...


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