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Yesterday 20:55Young Russians risk futures to support Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin's nemesis    ( )
Young Russians risk futures to support Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin's nemesis ... "I was really scared," he told CBC News during a visit to his apartment in the Russian city of Kaliningrad. "There was a big ... Navalny, a 41-year-old Moscow-area lawyer, has never been elected to public office in Russia.
01/17/2018 06:25Russia Conducting Major ICBM Drill    ( TRUNEWS )
These drills also come as a key NATO commander has stated that Russia's “Zapad” drills last fall “simulated a large-scale military attack” against the Northern Alliance. The drills, held in Belarus and the Kaliningrad region of Russia, were meant to demonstrate Russia's ability to quickly amass large ...
01/11/2018 11:50Democrats' report warns of Russian meddling across Europe    ( The Baltic Course )
"As members of NATO and the EU that share borders both with Russia and its exclave of Kaliningrad, and which collectively host large Russian-speaking populations, the Baltic states are both primary targets and uniquely susceptible to Russian active measures campaigns. The United States should ...
01/11/2018 05:25Estonian general: Russia's Zapad exercise was a practice attack against NATO    ( Estonian World (press release) (blog) )
Terras said in an interview with the German newspaper, Bild, that Russia had “simulated a large-scale military attack against NATO” under the cover of the Zapad military exercise in Belarus and the Kaliningrad enclave. “It was not targeted toward the Baltic states only, as it was a theatre-wide series of ...
01/09/2018 08:30Watch: US and RAF Fighters intercept Russian SU-30s over the Baltics    ( SOFREP (press release) )
Since then, there have been heightened concerns about further Russian expansion, especially through the narrow gap between the Russian satellite of Kaliningrad and nearby ally Belarus, which if captured, would cut Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania off from NATO support. These concerns have been ...
01/09/2018 02:30Russia 'Simulated Full-Scale War' Against NATO, Says Military Commander    ( Independent Newspapers Limited )
The drills – which were held in Belarus, the Baltic Sea, western Russia and its Kaliningrad outpost between 14 and 20 September last year – depicted a fictional scenario concerned with attacks by militants, according to Russia's defence ministry. But in an interview with Germany's top-selling newspaper, ...
01/09/2018 02:30Russia Practiced a Large Military Attack Against Western Europe in 2017, Estonia Defense Leader ...    ( Newsweek )
Zapad was held by Russian and Belarusian military forces in Kaliningrad, Russia's western military district, and Belarus. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the exercise "preparations for an offensive war on a continental scale." Even months before it began, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, ...
01/09/2018 00:00Russia Simulated Full-Scale War Against NATO, Military Official Says    ( Newsmax )
Russia simulated a full-scale attack against NATO during war games held in September, according to claims by Riho Terras, the commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, The Independent reported. The strategic military exercise held in Belarus, the Baltic Sea, western Russia and its Kaliningrad last ...
01/08/2018 14:35Russia tried out attack on NATO    ( The Sunshine Coast Daily )
Riho Terras confirmed NATO's fears that the Zapad (West) exercises were used to simulate a conflict with the US-led alliance and show off Russia's ability to amass large numbers of troops at extremely short notice. The drills - held in Belarus, the Baltic Sea and western Russia and its Kaliningrad outpost ...
01/08/2018 02:40Russia launched 'full-scale war' simulation against Nato, commander claims    ( )
The exercises, which were held in Belarus and the Baltic Sea as well as Kaliningrad between 14-20 September last year, took place to test the response to an attack from militants, according to Russia' defence ministry. But Mr Terras as poured cold water on that version of events in an interview with the ...
01/07/2018 17:25Russia 'simulated full-scale war' against Nato, says military commander    ( The Independent )
Russian war games held last September "simulated a large-scale military attack against Nato," the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces has ... The drills, which were held in Belarus, the Baltic Sea, western Russia and its Kaliningrad outpost between 14 and 20 September last year, depicted a ...
01/05/2018 17:35Lithuanian PM's stance on Russia: 2 points in support, 2 against, 2 motives    ( The Baltic Course )
... faced with, also for possible closer contacts with the Russian Kaliningrad region. The big Western democracies maintain contacts with Russia on the highest presidential or prime ministerial level, while the more critical Eastern European nations make contacts on the level of ministers or vice-ministers.
01/04/2018 19:25Protestant developments in Russia during 2017    ( Evangelical Focus )
In October, ELCR-archbishop Dietrich Brauer had criticised the Russian state for offering preferential treatment to Orthodox building efforts. In Kaliningrad region, once-Lutheran churches had been given to the Moscow Patriarchy while by-passing the usual legal channels. Alexander Semchenko for his ...
01/04/2018 03:40Shoigu: NATO is Massing Troops along Russia's Western Borders    ( )
Since 2012, the number of military contingents deployed by NATO near Russia's western frontiers has increased threefold. Four battalion tactical groups have been deployed in the Baltics and Poland as well as a U.S. Army armored brigade and command staffs of NATO's multinational divisions in ...
01/03/2018 23:35Russian navy's “Yantar”, oceanographic or state of the art “spy vessel”    ( MercoPress )
Mr Sutyagin, of the Royal United Services Institute, says the Yantar belongs to Russia's Main Directorate of Underwater Research (GUGI in Russian), part of the defense ministry. The 108m-long vessel has a crew of 60 and went into service in 2015. It was built in the Baltic port of Kaliningrad in 2015, the ...
01/02/2018 22:30Russia has an anti-tank missile that could devastate NATO tanks    ( We Are The Mighty (blog) )
Often lost in the discussion of Russian military hardware are the anti-tank missiles. While Russia has long been known for having a large force of tanks (almost 22,000, according to, they also deployed capable anti-tank missiles. In the Cold War, major systems used by the Soviet ...
01/02/2018 09:35Nato's logistical battle to deter Russia    ( Financial Times )
Serviced by a single railway line, it is squeezed between the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and Belarus, historically a Russian ally. Tapa army base: a Nato battle group, the bulk of it more than 800 British servicemen and women, is headquartered at this alliance forward position in Estonia.
12/30/2017 06:30The treaty-busting missile the Russians use to threaten NATO    ( We Are The Mighty (blog) )
It's also arguably one in a series of violations of the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States that has prompted ... reports that the Russians are claiming the deployment of the Iskander system to Kaliningrad is a response to America's ...
12/29/2017 08:40State Department: Open Skies Treaty Measures Against Russia 'Reversible'    (ІnsіdĐľr CĐ°r NĐľws)
Russia Notifies US of Rejection of Several Agreements Within Open Skies Treaty - Іnsіdеr Cаr Nеws
12/23/2017 20:25Michael Kofman: What actually happened during Zapad 2017    ( ERR News )
Others conducted raids against the enemy behind their lines. Russian forces simulated pushing a NATO coalition out of Belarus, but the size and scale of this exercise was more modest than anticipated. Probably they planned to punch through to Kaliningrad, but that's just a general assumption (what ...


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