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Yesterday 17:05Russian Regionalists, Liberals Increasingly Paying Attention To Each Other – OpEd    ( Eurasia Review )
“Beginning with the fourth Forum, the idea of Russia as a parliamentary federation or even confederation became mainstream. And this,” Mezerin says, “is already closer to the truth!” Once Putin is gone, “the territory from Kaliningrad to Chukotka will be not simply a different state; it will be a different ...
Yesterday 04:00SPOTTED: Russian Navy warship heading for combat near Syria sails towards English Channel    ( Daily Star )
Russia has a large naval presence in the Mediterranean in order to support Syrian President bashar al-Assad in the almost decade-long civil war. The Yaroslav Murdy and the Lena are expected to pass through the English Channel and the Strait of Dover after leaving a seaport in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad.
04/18/2018 16:10Russia puts UK on ALERT: Putin sends warships to English Channel    ( )
Yesterday the Lithuanian Defence Ministry revealed Russian jets flew through international airspace over the Baltic Sea to the enclave of Kaliningrad, prompting an emergency response, on April 9, 10, 12 and 14. The ministry said: “On April 9-15 NATO fighter aircraft conducting the NATO Ari Policing ...
04/17/2018 09:05NATO jets in Baltics scrambled four times last week to escort Russian military aircraft    ( Baltic Times )
They were flying from mainland Russia to the Russian Kaliningrad region and back. Participants of NATO's air policing mission in the Baltic countries currently include Danish fighter jets based at the Zokniai air base near Siauliai in Lithuania and Italian fighter jets based at the Amari air base in Estonia.
04/17/2018 00:10The Sparrow clan is taking his business abroad    ( (press release) )
Today the group of companies comprises LLC “Rrk holding”, where the founders of the ex-Governor of Primorsky Krai Sergey Darkin, JSC “Russian fish Company” of the founder of the Cyprus offshore company “AVRORA INDUSTRIES LIMITED”, LLC “Russian Sea — Kaliningrad”, where the founders ...
04/16/2018 00:00Russia's Dubious Guatemala Story    ( Wall Street Journal )
Mr. Kostin's letter says that Mr. Bitkov had not “been actively involved in Russia's political or social matters.” Mr. Bitkov agrees. When Putin's United Russia Party tried to enlist Irina as party chief in Kaliningrad in 2007, she declined, according to Mr. Bitkov. He says she also turned down an offer to join the ...
04/14/2018 16:05Russia claims its ally Syria shot down 71 of the 103 missiles launched by the US, Britain and France    ( )
"The performance of the S-400 would be very significant for Nato. The system is feared in Europe and Kaliningrad. If it was shown to be incapable of stopping significant numbers of Tomahawks it would have implications for Russia's deterrence capability," said Mr Bronk. "That could be why the Russians ...
04/14/2018 07:10Russian IPChain Association Will Digitize Kyrgyzstan's Patent Records    ( Cointelegraph )
Andrey Krichevsky, president of the IPChain association, said that the agreement between the association and representatives of KyrgyzPatent was signed at the IPQuorum forum, which took place in the Kaliningrad region of Russia. This is reportedly the first time that the association's technologies will ...
04/13/2018 16:05Russia military helicopter CRASHES in test: Pilots dead as Putin sends men towards Europe    (The Statesman)
Two killed in Russian military chopper crash - The Statesman
04/13/2018 11:00Donald Trump has apparently flipped on Vladimir Putin, but it's not just about Syria    ( ABC Online )
It could ramp up the war in the east of Ukraine. Reignite conflict with its neighbour Georgia. Stir up trouble in the Baltic states, or boost its missile capability in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Mr Putin's answer to a show of US power in Syria could be a well-placed cyber-attack rather than a direct flex ...
04/12/2018 20:00Russia capable of stopping a Tomahawk missile    ( The Australian )
“The performance of the S-400 would be very significant for NATO. The system is feared in Europe and Kaliningrad. If it was shown to be incapable of stopping significant numbers of Tomahawks it would have implications for Russia's deterrence capability.” The Telegraph reported there were dozens of ...
04/12/2018 03:55NATO Needs to Step Up its Maritime Defenses    ( Defense One )
The addition of the KALIBR missiles to Russia's Baltic Fleet allows Russian vessels to strike large swaths of Western Europe through Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian airspace. Combined with the Russian Air Force presence in Kaliningrad and the nearby Kola Peninsula, as well as advanced ...
04/11/2018 21:10Putin, or the World? Sanctions May Force Oligarchs to Choose    ( New York Times )
Yet October Island, a glorified swamp in Russia's European enclave of Kaliningrad, and Russian Island, a former cow pasture facing the far eastern port of Vladivostok, were highlighted by Moscow this week as potential alternatives. Washington's imposition of unexpectedly tough sanctions against ...
04/10/2018 05:00Kremlin uses Cold War play book    ( Daily Sabah )
This resulted in the U.S. and NATO's military activities to be intensified in the region by deploying ballistic missiles, tanks and additional Special Forces in the Baltic countries. In response, Russia took similar steps to use its last Western stronghold, the Kaliningrad oblast, by launching Iskandar missiles.
04/07/2018 20:00Trump sanctions on Russia: This is as far from 'collusion' as you can get    ( Fox News )
By imposing sanctions, President Trump is telling Putin that Russia must get its mental, moral and legal house in order; stop saber rattling in the Baltics, Middle East and around the world; stop the belligerent military build-up in Kaliningrad; stop hyping maps of mock missile attacks on Florida; and start ...
04/06/2018 15:15Will Great-Power Conflict Return?    ( Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses )
As John Mearsheimer argues, it was the West's fault, NATO enlargement and EU's eastward expansion that provoked Putin to use military force.39 NATO's defensive drill called 'Iron Wolf 2017' to deter Russian aggression in the Kaliningrad enclave of Baltic and Russia's response 'Zapad 2017' ...
04/06/2018 14:00Magomedov brothers charged with $43.4m fraud    ( )
The head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs made a statement before the meeting of the State Council in the Kremlin, which was ... to fraud with the assets of the Federal Grid Company, the United Grain Company and the construction of the Arena Baltika stadium in Kaliningrad.
04/06/2018 04:10Estonian troops say US and international military responders 'fit like puzzle pieces' after Russian ...    ( SOFREP (press release) )
While the combined military might of the NATO alliance should be able to route a Russian offensive against Europe, concerns remain even the recently bolstered NATO force couldn't prevent Russia from capturing the narrow stretch of land between Kaliningrad and their ally Belarus, physically severing ...
04/05/2018 20:15Stoltenberg Warns That NATO Watches Russian Naval Drills in Baltic Sea – Reports    ( Sputnik International )
BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the North Atlantic alliance is watching closely Russia's naval exercises in the Baltic Sea, EUobserver online newspaper reported Thursday. ... Russia's Baltic Feet, based in Kaliningrad, started its regular training on Wednesday.
04/05/2018 12:15Russia Launches Missile Tests, Triggers Partial Closure Of Baltic Sea    ( NDTV )
Riga: Russia began testing missiles with live munitions in the Baltic Sea on Wednesday, alarming Latvia, a member of NATO, which says the drills have ... The Russian defence ministry said on Monday that its Baltic Fleet, based in its European exclave of Kaliningrad, was preparing for routine training in ...


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