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Today 06:30Is Putin's Russia the critical threat Americans believe it to be?    ( The Conversation US )
A majority of Americans view Russia unfavorably and believe it represents a threat ... Russia is depicted daily as a major menace to the United States. ... and American planes buzz each other near the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.
Yesterday 15:15Birth of a New Persian Empire    ( American Spectator )
That changed because two of our principal adversaries, Russia and Iran, took ... carrying Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, also flying near Kaliningrad.
06/24/2017 21:35US release shock images of Russian jet flying METRES from its spy plane as tensions soar    ( )
... the Baltic Sea on Monday – approximately 25 miles north west of the Russian enclave Kaliningrad where US-led Nato troops have been amassing.
06/24/2017 15:35Footage of US fighter plane buzzing plane carrying Moscow's Defence Minister before Russian jet ...    ( )
Mr Shoigu was en route to a meeting in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland, to discuss western defences.
06/24/2017 09:40Russia Claims NATO Jet Attempted to Intercept Defense Minister's Plane over Baltic Sea    ( Breitbart News )
According to a statement from NATO, the Russian transport plane and its two fighter escorts were detected while en route to Kaliningrad, which ...
06/24/2017 03:25Photos show close encounter between armed Russian jet, US warplane    (The Epoch Times)
Striking Photos Released of Russian Jet Buzzing Within Feet of US Recon Plane - The Epoch Times
06/24/2017 00:35'Some people in US govt may want military confrontation with Russia'    ( RT )
[Earlier this week,] a US fighter jet intercepted a plane, which was flying the Defense Minister of Russia, somewhere over Kaliningrad. So you see that ...
06/24/2017 00:35Analysts: Russia's Military Threats Mainly Bluster, but Conflict Risk Rising    ( Voice of America )
Moscow said a NATO fighter jet buzzed Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu's plane as he headed to the Russian military enclave of Kaliningrad, ...
06/23/2017 21:25US releases photos showing 'unsafe' intercept by Russian jet over Baltic    (ClickLancashire)
NATO jet intercepts Russian minister's plane - ClickLancashire
06/23/2017 18:40Why NATO's Increased Reconnaissance Activity 'Comes as No Surprise to Russia'    ( Sputnik International )
Russia's jets have intercepted 14 foreign spy planes near its national ... to the country's Kaliningrad exclave but was chased away by a Russian jet.
06/23/2017 06:30Russia To Beef Up Military Forces On Western Flank, Citing NATO Threat    (Newburgh Gazette)
NATO jet approached plane carrying Russian defense minister, reports say - Newburgh Gazette
06/23/2017 00:25Nato jet 'buzzes' Russian minister's plane    ( Irish Times )
Mr Shoigu's plane had been en route to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad for a meeting to discuss how well Russia's western flank was defended.
06/23/2017 00:25NATO jet approaches Russian defence minister's plane    (Independent Journal Review)
Russian Defense Minister Personally Got a Rude Awakening from a NATO Fighter Jet After Weeks ... - Independent Journal Review
06/22/2017 21:15NATO fighter jets buzz plane carrying Russia's defense minister    (Newsline)
Russia says NATO F-16 approached defense minister's plane - Newsline
06/22/2017 21:15NATO Jet Approaches Russian Defense Minister's Plane    ( )
Shoigu on Wednesday was flying to Kaliningrad, a highly militarized Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea, to take part in a meeting with defense officials ...
06/22/2017 18:20NATO Fighter Jet Approached Russian Defence Minister's Plane    ( London South East (registration) (blog) )
MOSCOW (Alliance News) - A NATO fighter jet came close to Russian ... Shoigu was on his way to Kaliningrad, the country's western-most region, ...
06/22/2017 15:20Russia Says NATO Jet Buzzed Defense Minister's Plane    ( Yahoo News )
NATO officials have not commented on the Russian report. Shoigu was en route to the western Russian city of Kaliningrad for a meeting with other ...
06/22/2017 15:20Russian defense minister's plane buzzed by NATO jet over Baltic    (
Polish F-16s intercept Russian planes -
06/22/2017 12:25Russia To Beef Up Military Forces On Western Flank, Citing NATO Threat    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Russian state TV showed footage of a NATO F-16 fighter jet shadowing Shoigu's plane as it was approaching Kaliningrad. A Russian Su-27 fighter ...
06/22/2017 09:15SitRep: Huge Changes in Saudi; Iranian Drones Downed in Syria, Pakistan; Mattis Praises Ukraine ...    ( Foreign Policy (blog) )
has stalled the movement of another sanctions bill aimed at Russia, after it passed ... The U.S. and Russian militaries are at odds once again over a tense ... a plane carrying Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Kaliningrad.


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