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10/12/2018 15:15An Irishman, cut his name on the wall of Auschwitz, faces 10 years in prison    ( The Bobr Times )
In Poland, charged with tourist detained for scratching the walls of the Museum at the former concentration camp. 32-year-old Irishman arrested ...
10/09/2018 16:25Rare White Tiger Mauls Zookeeper to Death in Enclosure    ( Newsweek )
Last year, a keeper managed to survive a tiger attack at a zoo in Kaliningrad, Russia, after she was mauled in front of shocked visitors. Another lucky ...
10/09/2018 00:51Crimea's Simferopol welcomes its first-ever Winter Universiade Flame    ( TASS )
In Russia, Moscow and then the westernmost city of Kaliningrad were the first cities to welcome the Universiade Flame. From Simferopol, the relay will ...
10/09/2018 00:21Strengthening of Russia's military presence in the Black Sea: What will be NATO's response    ( UNIAN )
The air defense systems (S-300 and S-400), located across a large area, from Kaliningrad to Crimea, create "bubbles" of threat. So, the means Russia ...
10/09/2018 00:03Belarus and Ukraine: Fort Trump's accidental victims?    ( European Council on Foreign Relations )
Russia would continue to militarise its Kaliningrad exclave as a primary countermeasure. Yet, both symbolically and practically, this will not be enough ...
09/27/2018 01:35Code-bound thief Vagon talks about operatives' threats shortly before his death,    ( )
The multiple offender and native of Kaliningrad region Vagin received the status of a code-bound thief in 1995. In 2013, the US authorities included ...
09/27/2018 01:35Russia Deploys Bastion Coastal Defense Missile Systems in the Arctic    ( )
Russia has deployed coastal defense missile systems in the Arctic and also ... They, in particular, are deployed in the Crimea, Kaliningrad region, ...
09/25/2018 21:20ICR finds no signs of thief in law Vagon's violent death    ( )
The native of the Kaliningrad region crowned in 1995, Vladimir Vagin was ... as he got the last sentence out of his 9 prison terms in Russia in 2016.
09/24/2018 22:05Kafka comes to life in Kaliningrad    ( Open Democracy )
After police and pro-government media disrupt a public event in Kaliningrad, it's time to examine the forms of pressure on Russian civil society.
09/22/2018 05:25Former Sverdlovsk Region policeman kills his wife and mother-in-law and commits suicide    ( )
Recently, this man has been working as a security guard at the Kaliningradsky Yantarny Kombinat (Kaliningrad Amber Plant) in the village of ...
09/15/2018 18:15Russia reportedly warned Mattis it could use nuclear weapons in Europe, and it made him see ...    ( Business Insider )
Imagery released earlier this year indicated ongoing renovations at what appeared to be an active nuclear-weapons storage site in Kaliningrad, ...
09/13/2018 01:20NATO members concerned about Russia 'military posturing'    ( Twin Falls Times-News )
... the continued military buildup in Crimea and Kaliningrad” and “continued ... Russia on Tuesday launched its largest military exercise since the Cold ...
09/12/2018 01:25NATO members concerned about Russia "military posturing"    ( Tampa Bay Times )
... the continued military buildup in Crimea and Kaliningrad" and "continued ... Russia on Tuesday launched its largest military exercise since the Cold ...
09/11/2018 00:50Protests against Putin's pension age proposals sweep Russia    (ClickLancashire)
More than 80 people arrested in Russian Federation pension protests - ClickLancashire
09/10/2018 08:55Hundreds arrested as Russians protest raising state pension age to 65 for men, 60 for women    (Daily Mail)
David v Goliath battle continues today as protesters take to the streets of Russia over Putin's ... - Daily Mail
09/06/2018 19:55Former United Grain Company top-manager arrested in Magomedov brothers case    ( )
He was detained on Monday (September 3) after officers of Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption along with Russia's ...
09/06/2018 19:55Anticipating Putin's Next Gamble    ( National Review )
The installation of advanced anti-access/area-denial weapons, such as those installed at the exclave at Kaliningrad, would provide Russia with air ...
08/29/2018 05:55Russia sent a massive naval armada to Syria - and looks to be readying to fight the US    ( Business Insider India )
Russia has positioned a considerable naval armada in the Mediterranean near Syria after accusing the US of plotting a false flag chemical weapons ...
08/28/2018 03:05Navalny gets another 30 days in jail, xenophobia rebounds in Russia, and Roskomnadzor wins ...    ( Meduza )
... Russia's Telegram ban; Another police informant emerges in a controversial case against an alleged Russian extremist group; Police in Kaliningrad ...
08/28/2018 03:05Police in Kaliningrad charge an autistic man with hate speech for posting a sexist Internet meme    ( Meduza )
A year ago, police in Kaliningrad charged a local man with hate speech because of a sexist picture he shared online. The suspect, 27-year-old Artur ...


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